Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Recycle Runway - Education and AltUse for Couture Fashion


Recycle Runway strives to change the way the world thinks about the environment through innovative educational programs and couture fashions made from trash. Elegant garments created from recycled materials are exhibited in high-traffic airports to grab travelers’ attention and inspire personal action. Community-based presentations and workshops launch young peoples' imaginations while providing information on how to conserve resources on a grassroots level. Recycle Runway partners with businesses, non-profits, governmental agencies, foundations and individuals who actively support environmental conservation.

Nancy Judd's Recycle Runway features dazzling outfits that are the culmination of ingenious re-use...a faux fur jacket made with endless loops of cassette and video tape, a dress train made of origami junk mail fans sewn together like fish scales, or an evening gown glittering with thousands of pieces of crushed recycled glass. The show travels with the designer, who in each community organizes and inspires people to respond to our environmental crises with creativity.

Ms. Judd has received commissions to create numerous recycled garments and accessories from Toyota®, Coca-Cola®, Novelis Recycling, the Glass Packaging Institute and Starbucks®.

Youth education through presentations and workshops is a central component of Recycle Runway's environmental education mission. Click
here to see photos and learn more about youth activities. Environmental educator, artist and recycling consultant, Nancy Judd started Recycled Runway seven years ago. While working as the Recycling Coordinator for the City of Santa Fe and then as the Executive Director of the New Mexico Recycling Coalition, Ms. Judd recognized that art and fashion could be used to raise the environmental consciousness of the public in a fun and engaging way. Her project began with the Recycle Santa Fe Art Market and Fashion show, but soon grew into a collection of glamorous recycled fashions that now travel throughout the United States.

Recycle Runway: The Airport Project

In 2007 Ms. Judd began to exhibit the Recycle Runway Collection in Airports across the US. This new venue has large audiences of millions of people with time to spare-- a perfect place for sharing the environmental stewardship message of Recycle Runway!

Current Exhibit:
Pittsburgh International Airport, August - December 2008
Recycle Runway is on display in two cases located on Concourses C and D. See photos

Next Stops:
Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, 2009
Orlando International Airport, Summer 2010
Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, summer 2011

Recycle Runway for information on how to be part of these engaging installations!

Albuquerque Sunport Exhibit, 2007Recycle Runway: The Airport Project's Inaugural Exhibit opened at the Albuquerque International Sunport in October 2007. Read more

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