Wednesday, July 22, 2009

AltUse Gets more "Ink" in the Daily Green

Win $50 or $100 for Your Reuse Idea on AltUse

The website about reusing common objects has officially launched.

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AltUse has come out of beta with an official launch this week. Tips on the site include how to use hair spray to remove ink stains, vodka to clean your glasses, onions to fuel your car...turn a desktop computer into an aquarium, a satellite dish into a bird bath...

The list of possible reuses is endless, because the site is powered by the people, meaning anyone can logon and post their reuse. It's even easier now, since the site has a nice clean look. The submitting button is more prominent, and the experience is more appealing. AltUse is also branching out onto Facebook, Twitter, Blogger and elsewhere.

How useful the site becomes will largely be determined by how many entries people contribute, and how much community develops around saving money (and reducing waste!) by reusing things. The owners of the site are clearly aware of this, which is why they're launching a contest to help kickoff their big debut.

According to AltUse staff, on July 27th, the site will offer one $50 Visa gift card every day for five days, for the best AltUse submission each day. They'll also offer a $100 AltUse Visa gift card to the user who submits the most AltUses during that five-day period.

Sounds like a fun, easy way to get paid! Check out AltUse and join the creative fun. I gotta think of something to post there myself...

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