Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Monday was a huge day for AltUse - Over 3,500 Visitors

Many new AltUse item added:

New AltUse Use added for subscribed Categories are as follows:
Health & Wellness
tea bags can reduce the swelling of an eye stye
Vinegar kills warts
combating blisters and cracks
Aspirin controls dandruff
Colic, Stomach Ache
Olive Oil
Baking soda to heal athlete's foot
Shiny Leaves with Olive Oil
Protecting plants when cutting and pruning
Make a piƱata from old newspaper
Strawberry Facial Mask and Lip Scrub
Environment & Green Living
Ahh, the neverending uses for Vinegar...
Food & Beverage
Make cake pans out of aluminum foil
Keep water out of your picnic basket and keep it cold
Home & Household Items
Old dry paint brushes will be good as new if soaked in vinegar.
Use olive oil to remove sticky gummy adhesive left from price stickers
Use aluminum foil to boost radiator he! at
Tweaking vinegar and water blend
Use baking soda instead of tooth paste
Untangle jewelry
Use Dishwashing Liquid to remove lipstick stains
Crushed aspirin removes perspiration stains
Olive Oil used by midwife
Use toothpaste to clean tarnished silver jewelry
How to lubricate your bike chain without the use of dirty, smelly oils
Pet Care
Olive Oil for Dogs with Persistent Itch

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