Wednesday, August 5, 2009

AltUse in the News - THRILLIST NATION

Emailed on: WEDNESDAY AUGUST 5, 2009


Lots of household items serve dual purposes: toothpaste can keep your whites pearly and also fill holes in the wall, and depending on the amount ingested, Robitussin can help soothe cough symptoms, or keep you from ever coughing again, because you're dead. Schooling you on how to get the most out of everything, AltUse.

The brainchild of two former Nestle vets, AU's an omnibus of non-traditional uses for everyday products, helping you save money, get eco-friendly, and ponder what else you could do with that 15-gallon drum of sweet & sour sauce you impulse-bulk-bought at Costco. Search for a specific item or use, or peruse giant lists of either, to discover new solutions to everyday conundrums like running out of shaving cream (use olive oil), removing sweat stains (apply crushed asprin to affected areas), mosquito itch relief (hairspray), ant invasions (spread coffee grounds around affected areas), and appetite suppressing (drink vinegar...seriously, after like four gallons that hunger just disappears!). To vet the reappropriations, you can read users' ratings of others' suggestions based on whether it worked, how easy/hard it was to set up, and its overall value; you can also submit your own ideas for consideration, if you think the world's prepared to know exactly what you're capable of accomplishing with Easy Cheese.

If your thirst for alterna-knowledge is unquenchable, you can subscribe to receive daily or weekly email updates with the latest or most popular submitted alt-uses, either site-wide or for particular categories and products, so you can be alerted just as soon as someone discovers that all you need's an air mattress pump to purge a belly full of 'Tussin.

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