Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cassette tapes get an iPod connection -- as a holder - Los Angeles Times

Canadian firm Contexture Design is selling the 45 Nano, which is a tape with one side hollowed out to fit an iPod Nano.
By David Colker
August 11, 2009
Nostalgic for cassette tapes but love the convenience of iPods?

Now you can have them both in one product.

A pair of Canadian designers are recycling cassette tapes into iPod cases.

Called the 45 Nano, it appears to be a normal, unrecorded cassette on one side. But flip it over and you'll find a hollowed-out area that fits the latest iPod Nano.

The designers -- Nathan Lee and Trevor Coghill of Contexture Design -- also put in some cushioning foam and a plastic sleeve to protect the iPod, while still making it possible to work the touch-wheel.

At the company website, www.contexture.ca, the case is available for $45 Canadian (about $41.35 U.S.).

Buyers can choose from several different brand-name cassettes (remember the hiss they added to recordings?).

The company says the 45 Nano is made "according to Contexture's philosophy of using recycled and re-purposed materials." Yes, baby boomers, it has come to the point where the pop culture of your youth is being re-purposed.

Maybe the 45 Nano is just the thing for listening to old Journey albums. But you have to supply your own hiss.

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