Wednesday, September 2, 2009

AltUse Featured on EcoVillageGreen Gives New Meaning To Term “Reuse”


One of the mantras for green minded folks is “reduce, reuse, recycle.” It speaks to the necessity of reducing the use of the Earth’s natural resources to generate waste. Recycling is easy for most people to understand and implement, and reducing what you use makes simple common sense. But when it comes to re-using, it’s a lot more challenging. It’s not always clear how some products can be re-used in other ways to minimize their environmental footprint.

Enter, one of the most innovative websites I’ve seen in the green space.’s basic philosophy is one of RADICAL re-use, the idea that just about any manufactured product on the planet can be repurposed and pressed into other service. is grass roots and employs many of the features we’re becoming accustomed to in the social media space. It empowers readers by allowing them to upload their re-use ideas for any product, accompanied by photos and videos. Other readers can vote on how “good” of a re-use the idea is. They can also rank how well the idea worked when tried by others, how easy it is to get the re-use to work, and how much money-saving value the idea has. The most highly rated ideas will burble to the top when a reader searches the website for ideas on how to re-use a particular product (anything from computers to coffee grounds.)

Here are some great ideas from the site as a brief sample; some are more feasible than others!

–Using toothpaste to fill holes in walls, clean an iron, and stopping mosquito itching;
–Using vodka to painlessly remove bandages, clean tiles, and increase your hair’s shine;
–Using fabric softener sheets to repel mosquitos, eliminate wet dog smell, and dust venetian blinds.

And many more!

If you’ve ever been stumped by how to re-use any given product out there, type it into’s search engine and see what other people have come up with!


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