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Mother Jones Covers AltUse - September 22, 2009

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5 Creative Uses for: Coffee Filters

—Image courtesy AltUse.com
A few weeks back, I posted about alternative uses for coffee. If you have extra coffee, chances are you also occasionally have extra filters. The reuse gurus over at AltUse.com have done it again with these brilliant ideas. Use filters to:
1. Filter cork out of wine. Place an unbleached filter over your glass and before you pour the wine. Minimal impact to taste.
2. Stop a razor nick from bleeding. Tear off a small piece of filter and cover the nick. Stems bleeding fast.
3. Clean windows. Use filters instead of paper towels. Picks up dirt and dust without leaving lint behind.
4. Absorb food grease. Durable filters soak up excess oil without disintegrating. Works for bacon, pizza, french fries, or any of your other favorite greasy foods. Bonus: After frying, pour leftover oil through a coffee filter, then use it again.
5. Line house plants: Prevent soil seepage by placing a coffee filter in the bottom of a plant pot.

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