Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Use Milk Cartons to Create Grass Plugs

Grass Plugs for your Garden
Grow Grass Plugs to patch your yard in paper half gallon milk containers.

  1. Cut your half gallon milk containers lengthwise through the round plastic spout. Now you have two halfs.
  2. Put potting soil or better yet soil that you have made in your backyard from composed kitchen vegetable waste.
  3. Soak the soil well with water so the container feels heavy. Spinkle grass seed over the surface and gentle press the seed into the wet soil.
  4. Slip a plastic newspaper sleeve around the half milk carton and then set the container outside in a partial sun area. After about 5 days start to check it and see if it needs more water. After the grass sprouts and grows about an inch of two, take off the plastic bag and keep the soil moist. 
After about 30 days you have a grass plug to patch your lawn. When you pull out weeds, use the plug to patch the hole. When your dog urinates and grass dies, replace it with the grass plug!

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  1. Cool idea. Here's a good list I recently saw of ways to reuse plastic jugs: http://www.plantea.com/milk-jug.htm.

  2. This can help use of waste goods. Its nice idea. The concept it really new.